Natalie Rishe: Art, Design & Instruction

Portfolio Installation, video, audio and performative works

The work in this video only covers my key projects between 2006 & 2008, however, it gives you an idea of my aesthetic sensibility, conceptual underpinnings and formal considerations.

New Site (is really, actually, honestly, finally on the horizon...for realz...)

I spend my days (and nights) as a Professor of Multimedia and the Department Chair of the Applied Art & Design program at Sierra College. Performing these jobs and raising my twin boys has made the process of a full site overhaul utilizing current web technologies just about impossible.

With great anticipation, I have been forwarded on to our Board for sabbatical approval during the 16/17 Academic year and plan to spend my time invested in that exact process. My intention is to start and finish the site during that Academic year.